Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts - 25 kg


Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts - 25 kg is a complimentary food for wild Birds. This high grade standard bird food is a quality bird food packed with natural protein. Plus, it's suitable for all species of wild bird. You'll love that these peanuts can easily fill up your bird feeders. It's rich in protein, suitable for all year feeding and loved by wild birds.

Why Should I Choose Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts?

Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts - 25 kg is a must have feed for your wild birds. Feeding birds not only brings your garden to life, but also helps provide them with a vital and regular source of protein, all year round. What's more, all of the ingredients used in the Extra Select range are carefully sourced to provide high quality nutritional bird feed at a competitive rate.

Attract New Species

Why not try some high quality Extra Select Peanuts? Different Bird food will attract different wild birds to your garden. Experiment with a range of mixes to see what new species arrive! When natural food is hard to forage, Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts will be there for your wild birds to enjoy.

What Is In Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts?

Analytical Constituents: Protein 26%, Fat 49%, Starch 16%

Composition: Argentinian Peanuts

Store in a cool. dry place below 14%.

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