Dr John Silver Dry Dog Food - Chicken - 15kg

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Dr John Silver Dry Dog Food - Chicken - 15kg by Gilbertson & Page is a complete, VAT free dry Dog Food created for all sporting and working adult dogs. Choose Dr John to improve your dog's stamina, build your dog's muscles and boost their immune system. What's more, it's good value for money.

Why Should I Buy Dr John Silver Dry Dog Food - Chicken - 15kg?

Ideal for maintenance diet

This working dog food is a simple yet complete mix. Therefore it's ideal for working dogs that have passed their growth stage but still need lots of energy for periods of light work. 

Meat protein

With 18% protein, Dry John Silver Dry Dog Food - Chicken will give your dog lots of energy - even if they're getting on in years. Therefore, it's a good choice for older dogs.

Tasty mix

This dry dog food is formulated from whole grain cereals, chicken, minerals, oils and fats. Each tasty, bite-sized morsel is baked with chicken gravy. So it's extra appealing to your working dog as well as good for them.

Serve moist or dry

This dog food can be served either dry or with water or gravy. As a result, it's easier to create the ideal bowl of Dr John Silver Dry Dog Food - Chicken for your working dog.

What's In Dr John Silver Dry Dog Food - Chicken?

Ingredients: Wheat, poultry meal (11% chicken), vegetables (peas 4%), maize, chicken gravy, chicken fat, minerals, linseed, yucca extract.

Analysis: Crude Protein 18%, Crude Oils & Fats 6%, Crude Fibres 2.5%, Crude Ash 6%.

How much Dr John Silver Dry Dog Food - Chicken should I give to my dog?

A dog's breed, size, age and activity level will determine how much food they require on a daily basis. Therefore, the amounts outlined in the chart below are for guidance purposes only. Always ensure that fresh drinking water is made available to your pet.

Daily Feeding Guide 

Weight of dog (kg) Grams per day

10kg or less


11 - 25kg

220 - 370

26 - 45kg

370 - 700

45kg or more 700 +

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