Dogit 2 Door Black Dog Crate - Large

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Dogit 2 Door Black Dog Crate - Large

Dogit 2 Door Black Dog Crate is a secure wire crate to keep your dog safe and secure whether at home or out and about. It has two doors and a removable plastic base.

Why should I buy Dogit 2 Door Black Dog Crate?

Dogit 2 Door Black Dog Crate is a sturdy and safe way to keep your pet contained and secure. The strong powder coated wire cage has two sliding bolt doors, one at the front and one at the side. So this handy Dog Accessory makes it easy to access your doggie. What's more the base is a removable plastic tray with rounded corners for comfort. This makes it comfortable for your pet and easy to remove for cleaning. 

Dogit Crates are a really useful pet Accessory and may be used at home or travelling in the car whilst (ensure sure the crate fits in your vehicle). To make it more comfortable for your pooch why not try a crate pad bed or pet bedding fleece. Dogit 2 Door Black Dog Crate is easy to set-up and doesn't require any tools for assembly.

What size is Dogit 2 Door Black Dog Crate?

Dogit Crate Size Large Measures 91 x 56 x 62 cm and is designed for larger sized dogs.

How do I measure my dog to make sure it will fit in the crate?

Measure the length of your dog from the tip of the nose to the tail. They should be able to sit, lie down, stretch out and turn around whilst in the crate. 

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