Danish Design Pet House - S

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Danish Design Pet House - S

Danish Design Pet House is a small brown and tan Cat Bed. The perfect size for cats, it's spacious enough to make a stylish Dog Bed for a toy pooch too. With its padded walls and fleece lining, this fun piece of pet furniture makes a sturdy, cosy hideaway that you can place in any room of your own house. Soft, padded, cosy - what's not to love about this home-within-a-home! 

Why Should I Buy Danish Design Pet House?

This large novelty pet house from Danish Design pet products makes a snug, stylish bed for cats. What's more, it's a fun way to provide toy dogs such as Poms, Toy Poodles and Chihuahuas with their own detached des res!

Finished in a brown and tan faux suede exterior, the snug interior has a soft fleecy lining. As a result, your pet will love to curl up and get warm on cold days and nights. The slightly smaller rounded opening to the house creates a cosy hideaway where your pet can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

With its fun brown brushed suede effect roof and tan sides, this home-within-a-home is bound to appeal to the younger members of the family. Lightweight and portable, it'll sit well in a bedroom as well as the kitchen or living area. Soft, padded and stylish: your pet will love it!

What Is The Specification For This Small Cat House?

This Small Cat Bed / Dog Bed measures 34 x 31 x 34cm

Walls: Brushed suede effect

Interior: Fleece

Fits: Cats and toy/smaller dogs - please check your dog's measurements prior to purchase.

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