Danish Design Boot Bed - M


Danish Design Boot Bed - M

Danish Design Boot Bed is a highly versatile dog bed which can be used when travelling in the car as well as indoors.

Why should I buy Danish Design Boot Bed?

Danish Design Boot bed is a highly practical Dog Bed which is perfect for use in the car and protects your boot. It is ideal for using in the car but can also be used outdoors as well as in the home. Made from tough and durable waterproof material, with a soft padded base, the Boot Bed can simply be wiped clean - perfect for muddy dogs!

A particularly useful feature of the Danish Design Boot Bed is the removable bumper protector, which folds down to protect your bumper from claw marks when your dog is entering/exiting the car. The bumper protector can be attached/detached with a simple velcro strip.

The Danish Design Boot Bed comes in medium and large to fit most cars. Medium measures 80 x 60 x 17cm

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