Scruffs Chester Box Dog Bed - Chocolate - Small


Scruffs Chester Box Dog Bed - Chocolate - Small

Scruffs Chester Box Dog Bed - Chocolate - Small is a walled Dog Bed, with a cosy sided design that's ideal for dogs that like to curl up to relax. The two-tone chenille and plush pile fabrics create a practical, washable dog bed that's soft and attractive for your home. 

Why Should I buy Scruffs Chester Box Dog Bed - Chocolate - Small?

This chenille brown soft walled dog box Dog Bed is perfect for smaller dogs that like to curl up to nap. Its three higher walls create a cosy nest, while the lower front wall makes it easy for small or older dogs to get in and out. The polyester outer, inner, base and filling create a durable and 100% machine washable bed. This is soft and cosy yet durable for everyday use.

The Chester Box Dog Bed is easy to look after. Simply wash at thirty degrees and leave to dry naturally.

Also features a non-slip base to make it suitable for tiled or wooden floors.

What Size Is This Dog Bed?

Overall size: 50 x 40cm (19.5" x 16")

Please note: Do not use these images as a specific size representation. Before ordering, please refer to the Scruffs Size Guide to determine whether it is a good fit for your pet.

Washing instructions

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Do not bleach or tumble dry.


Outer: 100% polyester
Inner: 100% polyester
Base: 100% polyester
Fill: 100% recycled polyester

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