Copdock Mill Supreme Wild Bird Mix - 20kg


Copdock Mill Supreme Wild Bird Mix - 20kg

Copdock Mill Supreme Wild Bird Mix is a high quality blend of all purpose bird seed mix for a range of Wild Birds. A sprinkling of this tasty mix in the garden will attract a range of wild birds including: Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Nuthatch, Robins, Siskins, Bullfinches, Goldfinches, Great Tits, Chaffinches, Coal Tits, Dunnocks, Greenfinches, House Sparrows, Song Thrushes and Wrens.

This 20kg bag of Copdock Mill bird seed is not only suitable for a variety of wild birds in the garden but it can be used all year round.

Why should I buy Copdock Mill Supreme Wild Bird Mix?

Simply scatter this wild bird mix on bird tables or on the ground and enjoy visits by lots of species of birds as they enjoy the nutritious snacks you have provided. Similarly, Supreme Wild Bird Mix is suitable for use in seed feeders.

What's in Copdock Mill Supreme Wild Bird Mix?

This product contains a blend of cereals, small seeds, flaked maize, black sunflower & peanuts.

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