Copdock Mill Sunflower Hearts - 20kg

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Copdock Mill Sunflower Hearts - 20kg

Copdock Mill Sunflower Hearts are an ideal food for a range of Wild Birds and pets including parrots, canaries and parakeets. Perfect for use in bird feeders, on the ground or on a bird table. Sunflower Hearts will also attract most garden birds, and are particularly appealing to goldfinches, greenfinches and house sparrows.

Why should I buy Sunflower Hearts?

Copdock Mill Sunflower Hearts are highly considered as a straight feed and are a valuable source of nutrition for wild birds all year round. Sunflower Hearts are particularly useful in the winter when they help sustain wild birds' energy levels. Simply place these whole sunflower hearts in seed feeders, on bird tables or on the ground and you will be treating lots of species of birds to food rich in protein and sunflower oil which are full of energy and nutrition.

What's in Sunflower Hearts?

Sunflower Hearts are the inner contents of nutritious sunflower seeds. They have had the husk removed already so there will be no waste or unwanted mess.

100% Sunflower Hearts.

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