Copdock Mill Peanut Kernels - 20kg


Copdock Mill Peanut Kernels - 20kg

Copdock Mill Peanut Kernels are packed with protein and have a delicious buttery flavour. They are a great choice of food to attract a wide variety of Wild Birds into your garden.

Why Should I Buy Copdock Mill Peanut Kernels?

Copdock Mill Peanut Kernels are rich in oils and fat and are a great source of protein. They are a particularly valuable source of energy during the cold winter months when food is scarce and birds need to feed to keep warm. Peanuts kernels are extremely popular with many species of wild birds including spotted woodpeckers, tits and nuthatches, as well many other garden Birds who graze underneath feeders for crumbs.

This handy 20kg sack of Copdock Mill Peanut Kernels will keep your feathered friends full of life and vitality for months at a time. Buying in bulk mean that you will always have a plentiful supply of food, so you are able to top up your feeders as soon as they have been emptied.

20kg sack.

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