Copdock Mill Niger Bird Seeds - 25kg


Copdock Mill Niger Bird Seeds - 25kg

Copdock Mill Niger Bird Seeds - 25kg are packed full of protein and calories so are perfect for feeding to wild birds through the winter months.

Why should I buy Copdock Mill Niger Bird Seeds?

Copdock Mill Niger Bird Seeds are a favourite food for many Wild Birds. Treat the Goldfinches in your neck of the woods with one of their favourite foods - Niger Seeds. Collared Doves, Greenfinches, Redpoll, Siskin and Turtle Doves will also pay you a visit if you provide Niger Seeds for them to feast upon. This is because the structure of their beak lends itself to this type of bird seed which is smaller in size. 

Niger seeds are an oily, high protein and high calorie source of nutrition that is particularly beneficial for birds in the winter months. During this season, birds endeavour to pile on the fat to protect themselves from the cold temperatures. However, when birds moult in the summer and early spring, Niger is also important and the protein content in Niger helps new feathers to grow.

What's in Copdock Mill Niger Bird Seeds?

Niger Seeds are the seed of the African yellow daisy Guizotia Abyssinica which is an upright, branched herb. All Niger seed sold as bird food is sterilised before it is imported, therefore it will not sprout in your garden. Rich in oil content and highly nutritious, Niger seeds are also full of nutritional goodness and essential oils, great for energetic birds.  

If it becomes mouldy then Niger Seed can be hazardous to birds. Therefore, always remove any uneaten seeds from feeders after three to four weeks. A good practice is to shake your feeder regularly to prevent clods of seed and mould developing. Try to keep the seeds dry and if necessary, put less seed in your feeder. If mould can be seen then throw the seed away and thoroughly clean the feeder before filling it up again.

Niger seeds generally contain up to 40% edible semi-drying oil, 20.9% carbohydrate and 27.8% protein. 

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