Copdock Mill Mixed Corn - 20kg

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Copdock Mill Mixed Corn a high quality Poultry Food made from a blend of wheat and cut maize.

Why should I buy Copdock Mill Mixed Corn? 

Copdock Mill Poultry Corn is a great complementary Poultry Food. It is suitable for all types of poultry including chickens, duck, geese and turkeys and can be fed all year round.

Copdock Mill is intended for use as a supplementary food and should form part of a balanced diet along with layers pellets. Scattering Poultry corn is a great way to encourage natural foraging behaviour and keep your birds occupied and content.

What is in Copdock Mill Mixed Corn?

Contains: Wheat, Cut Maize and Soya Oil

How much Copdock Mill Mixed Corn should I feed to my poultry?

Copdock Mill Mixed Corn should fed as a complementary food in conjunction with layers pellets. As a guideline a single handful is enough for a single bird per day and it can be scattered for birds to peck at.

Always make sure that fresh drinking water and grit are made available.

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