Colombo Bacto Start - 100ml

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Colombo Bacto Start - 100ml

Colombo Bacto Start contains natural bacteria cultures to start off and maintain a healthy aquarium. Simply add to the filter sponge.

Why Should I buy Colombo Bacto Start?

Colombo Bacto Start is specially designed to use when setting up your Aquarium. The natural friendly bacteria in Bacto Start helps to remove ammonia and nitrites from the water creating a healthy environment. Keeping levels of ammonia and nitrites is key to keeping your Fish healthy. Bacto start is suitable for both tropical and cold water fish. 

How much Colombo Bacto Start Should I Use?

Add Columbo Bacto Start to your filter sponge. Use 10ml  of Bacto Start for every 10 litres of water when filling your aquarium. When topping up the water add 5ml of Bacto Start per 10 litres of water. The cap holds 10ml to assist with measuring.

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