Colombo Aqua Start - 100ml

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Colombo Aqua Start - 100ml

Colombo Aqua Start is a water conditioner which removes harmful chemicals and creates a healthy environment for your fish.

Why Should I buy Colombo Aqua Start?

Colombo Aqua Start is a great product to use when setting up your Aquarium. It removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine from tap water. It also binds with heavy metals such as lead and copper which creates cleaner water and a healthier environment for your Fish. Removing chemicals and binding heavy metals from fish tanks helps to prevent disease and keep your fish in prime health.

How much Colombo Aqua Start Should I Use?

Add 4 ml of Columbo Aqua Start for every 10 litres of water when filling your aquarium and the same ratio when replenishing the ratio. The cap holds 10ml to assist with measuring.

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