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Chuckit Zipflight Dog Toy is a fantastic amphibious dog toy which can be thrown like a frisbee for super fun games of fetch.

Why Should I Buy The Chuckit Zipflight Dog Toy?

Chuckit Zipflight Dog Toy is a great fun Dog Accessory which will keep you and your four-legged friend amused for hours on end. It is made of memory foam encased in extremely tough nylon with a rubber rim. Designed to use like a frisbee the Zipflight floats and can be thrown into water for keen swimmers to fetch.

The bright orange and blue colours not only look great - they also make the Zipflight easy to find in long grass or undergrowth. Playing games with your dog has many benefits; it helps to forge a strong bond and keeps both you and your pet fit and active.

*Please note: This toy is not indestructible and your dog should always be supervised to ensure proper use and halt any destruction.

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