Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy

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Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy is a great way to play fetch with your pooch without getting your hands dirty.

Why Should I Buy The Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy?

Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy will keep both you and your dog amused for hours whilst playing fetch. This ingenious play accessory means that you can effortlessly throw the rubber ring again and again without getting slobber on your hands. The Ultra Ring's shape ensures that it bounces and zig zags in all directions when thrown. It encourages your dog's natural instinct to chase and retrieve and will keep them happy and content.

The bright orange and blue colours not only look great - they also make the Ultra Ring easy to find in long grass or undergrowth. It also floats in water should your dog be an enthusiastic swimmer. Playing games with your dog has many benefits; it helps to forge a strong bond and keeps both you and your pet fit and active.

*Please note: This toy is not indestructible and your dog should always be supervised to ensure proper use and halt any destruction.

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