Bunty Yukon Dog Harness - Urban Camo - L

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Bunty Yukon Dog Harness - Urban Camo - L 

Bunty Yukon Dog Harness allows your pooch that extra bit of freedom of movement. This is all whilst constantly ensuring that they are safely secured around their body rather than neck.

Why Should I Buy The Bunty Yukon Dog Harness?

The Bunty Yukon Dog Harness is not only designed in a beautiful range of colours but also puts safety at the forefront. This Dog Harness allows your hound to have the independence they need, all whilst still being safely strapped in. 

What's more, the Bunty Yukon Dog Harness secures your pup around the body instead of the neck. This ensures ultimate safety whilst strolling along off-road with their nose to the ground. This dog harness is suited for any pet, no matter the size!

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