Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bags - Pack of 6

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Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bags - Pack of 6

Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bags make the business of collecting your dog's business more colourful and efficient.

Why Should I Choose Bunty Waste Poo Bags?

You will find them easy to open which means less hassle rubbing the top edges together when you're in a hurry. They are also leak proof which is a firm favourite reason to choose this bag option. No one relishes the presence of seepage or odour and you wont have to with these bags.

If you have a Bunty Waste Bag Dispenser then you can match the colour of your bags with the colour of your dispenser! How's that for fun with faecal foraging?

With 15 bags per roll, choose how many you think you will need. Then why not add a few extra for fellow dog walkers who haven't yet bought Bunty Dog Accessories?

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