Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bag Dispenser - Pink / Green / Blue / Black

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Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bag Dispenser - Pink / Green / Blue / Black

Bunty Waste Bag Poo Dispenser is a quirky Dog Accessory which is shaped like a dog's bone to remind you that it's an accessory for your dog. This handy device lets you carry dog poo bags wherever you go.

Why Should I Buy The Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bag Dispenser?

Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bag Dispenser is a colourful plastic container that clips to your belt for everyone to see. This tidy dispenser dispenses with the annoyance of scrunched up poo bags at the bottom of your pocket: Say goodbye to the suave fluttering of poo bags around your legs as you take a handful of change from your pocket.

Bunty have thought of everything with this poo bag dispenser Dog Accessory. You will find it nice and simple to pop the roll of matching coloured poo bags inside. The orifice through which the poo bags emerge looks strangely familiar. The carabiner style hook at the top lets you attach it to your dog's harness or to yourself - depending on your preference.

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