Bunty Warm Fleece Dog Blanket - Black


Bunty Warm Fleece Dog Blanket is an enormous, ultra-soft fleece pet blanket. Used for pets of all shapes and sizes, this high quality fleece blanket will keep them cosy all year round!

Why Should I Choose The Bunty Warm Fleece Dog Blanket?

The Bunty Warm Fleece Dog Blanket is produced with high-quality, super soft fleece. You can use it as a puppy blanket, dog blanket or other pet blanket- Whatever you please! What's more, this dog blanket keeps your furry friend warm and comfy whatever the weather.

As well as this, you can use this Dog Accessory to protect your furniture and home from pet hair. This enormous dog blanket ensures ultimate comfort for your pup!

Size: 140cm x 100cm

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