Bunty Pet First Aid Kit

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Bunty Pet First Aid Kit

Bunty Pet First Aid Kit will help you out if you have an emergency cat, dog or small animal situation. Also, you can rely on this kit if there's a set to with a feisty suitor or a disagreement about who's Top Dog.

Why Should I Choose The Bunty Pet First Aid Kit?

The Bunty Pet First Aid Kit is a handy red case which contains an amazing 34 medical items. It can be carried around in the car or taken on holiday. Alternatively, you can keep it in the cupboard under the stairs as well. You may even find yourself borrowing a couple of instruments for your own use too!

Bunty Pet First Aid Kit has lots of useful pockets and compartments for keeping extras in as well. It measures just 20cm x 14cm x 6cm so it's a compact little treasure of treatment tools for cat or Dog Healthcare.

What Is In Bunty Pet First Aid Kit?

Inside the Bunty Pet First Aid Kit you will find the following gems to help you deal with any DIY veterinary emergency including nasty stings, bumps and grazes or Alpha Male contretemps: Scissors, tweezers, pincer tool, flea comb, cotton gauze,  alcohol pads,  antiseptic wipe, sting relief pads, large triangular bandage, small bandage, non adherent sterile pads,  adhesive plasters, rubber gloves, instant cool pack, roll of adhesive, medical tape, CPR Face Shields.

So, for dog or Cat Healthcare, or maybe even accidents involving a Pet Goat, the Bunty Pet First Aid Kit is just the job.

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