Bunty Outback Corner Mattress Dog Bed - L

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Bunty Outback Corner Mattress Dog Bed - L

Bunty Outback Corner Mattress Dog Bed is a comfy Dog Bed which is manufactured using a heavy duty PVC vinyl material which is fully waterproof for even the messiest of dogs. 

Why Should I Buy The Bunty Outback Corner Mattress Dog Bed?

The Bunty Outback Corner Mattress Dog Bed is specially designed using heavy duty PVC vinyl material. This material is easy to clean, hard wearing and chew resistant! It's also waterproof for your dogs messy paws after a long muddy walk.

An extra long life Dog Bed, rest assure Bunty have put out all the stops to ensure that this bed will last through the years. The inner filling is made using high-density foam, which provides orthopaedic support. This foam eases the strain on your pets' bones and joints! As well as this, the cover includes an integrated zip which allows you to remove it for easy cleaning. This dog bed is shaped perfectly to fit in the corner of any room.

Which Size Bunty Outback Corner Mattress Dog Bed Should I Get For My Dog?

Small - 76cm x 108cm

Medium - 91cm x 128cm

Large - 108cm x 148cm 

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