Bunty Fabric Pet Carrier - Black - M

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Bunty Fabric Pet Carrier - Black - M

Bunty Fabric Pet Carrier is a luxurious pet carrier for travelling with your pet. This handy accessory is made of durable fabric with gauze panels for ventilation.

Why Should I Choose Bunty Fabric Pet Carrier?

Bunty Fabric Pet Carrier is a safe and comfortable Pet Accessory for keeping your pet safe and secure when travelling such as going to the vet or on holiday. Made from hard-wearing fabric the carrier has gauze panels. This means it provides ample air circulation to keep your pet nice and cool, as well as providing them with a view. The Pet Carrier is suitable for household pets such as small dogs, cats and rabbits. A zip panel provides easy in and out access.

With strong handles the pet carrier is reassuringly secure when carrying your pet around. For comfort, there is a removable fleece pad. So your pet will have a more enjoyable and restful journey. Furthermore, Bunty Fabric Pet Carrier is collapsible. This means once you have used it this practical Accessory it can be easily stored away for next time.

What size is Bunty Fabric Pet Carrier Medium?

The carrier measures 60x42x42cm

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