Bunty Elevated Dog Bed - M

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Bunty Elevated Dog Bed - M

Bunty Elevated Dog Bed is a raised Dog Bed which hovers 15cm above the floor. This makes it perfect for avoiding those cold winter floors as well as outdoor use.

Why Should I Choose The Bunty Elevated Dog Bed?

The Bunty Elevated Dog Bed is raised 15cm from the floor. This raised Dog Bed is perfect for avoiding cold floors in winter temperatures. Plus, it's also great if you go camping or for sleeping outside in the warmer months.

Its ventilated weaving means that it allows excellent airflow beneath and through the bed. This Bunty dog bed is perfect for your doggo to be at an optimal temperature all the time.

Which Size Bunty Elevated Dog Bed Should I Get For My Dog?

Medium - 106cm x 62cm

Large 114cm x 76cm

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