Bucktons Superior Wild Bird Suet Balls - 160

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Bucktons Superior Wild Bird Suet Balls - 160 contain soft suet so are easy for small beaks. What's more they are packed with high energy, peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Why should I buy Bucktons Superior Wild Bird Suet Balls - 160?

Bucktons Superior Wild Bird Suet Balls are premium quality and provide plenty of energy for Wild Birds in cold weather. Because they are made with a super soft suet they are easier for even the smallest birds to eat. What's more with lots of tasty peanuts and sunflower seeds they are rich in proteins and oils. Therefore it helps birds to stay in tip-top condition and maintain weight. Especially during the cold winter months.

Feeding Bucktons Wild Bird Suet Balls is a great way to encourage lots of wild birds into your garden. Plus they are easy to feed. Simply pop into your feeder and your feathered friends will be flocking in for a tasty takeaway. This handy box contains 160 suet balls. So it will keep you stocked up for longer.

What is in Bucktons Wild Bird Suet Balls?

Bucktons Wild Bird Suet Balls contain Beef Tallow, Wheat Flour, Ground Wheat, Black Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts.

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