Bucktons Sunflower Hearts - 20kg


Bucktons Sunflower Hearts is a top quality food for Wild Birds, rich in oils and protein.

Why should I buy Bucktons Sunflower Hearts?

Bucktons Sunflower Hearts are the perfect choice of food for garden birds. because only the heart of the seed is used there is no husk. This makes them easier for Wild Birds to eat. Furthermore, it will keep your garden cleaner as there are no discarded husks. With easily digest proteins and oil Bucktons Sunflower Hearts helps birds to maintain weight and stay in tip-top condition. 

Bucktons Sunflower Hearts are highly versatile meal for your garden birds. They can be placed on a bird table or in a feeder. Feeding a mixture of foods can help attract a wider range of wild birds into your garden.

What is in Bucktons Sunflower Hearts?

Bucktons Sunflower Hearts contains only the finest quality sunflower hearts which are sourced from reputable growers.

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