Bedkind Cardboard Shavings Bale - 20kg

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Bedkind Cardboard Shavings Bale - 20kg is a bale of dust-extracted animal bedding made from  cardboard. It is the healthy alternative to straw. The compostable, cardboard shavings are designed to benefit the health and therefore the happiness of animals.

Why Should I Buy These Shavings?

Insulation And Ventilation Combined

This absorbent bedding from Bedkind gives your pet a warm, cosy bed all year round. This is because, thanks to the insulating benefits of corrugated cardboard, it keeps your animals cool in summer and it ensures they stay warm in the winter too. Cardboard uses its insulating properties by entrapping warm air generated by your animal. Therefore, this insulation keeps the bed nice and cosy. If you bring your animals inside at night, this is the ideal bedding to use.

Virtually Dust Free And Easy To Compost

The dust is extracted from the process of making these shavings. Therefore there is less aggravation of any underlying respiratory disease for your animal. This means this bedding is healthier, plus it is quicker and easier to 'muck out'. They are also better for reducing reactions to allergens like dust and straw. Once used, these Bekind Cardboard Shavings rot down quicker than alternative types of bedding too.

Easy To Manage And Cost Effective

These cardboard shavings are therefore easier to manage, and more cost-effective than other bedding including straw or wood shavings or pellets. They can be used in transit too - from horse-boxes to rabbit carriers! They are also better for reducing reactions to allergens like dust and straw.

Ideal For Small And Large Animals

If you have small pets in a hutch, including Guinea Pigs, Hamsters & Gerbils then this shavings bale is ideal for them. Plus, if you care for larger animals like Pigs, Goats or even horses then thankfully, this 20kg bale of bedding is the perfect amount to keep them happy in their beds.


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