Animal Dreams Shavings Bale Bedding - 20kg

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Animal Dreams Shavings Bale Bedding is hygienic bedding for small animals.  It is made from 100% dust extracted softwood and is completely biodegradable. 

Why Should I Buy Animal Dreams Shavings Bale Bedding?

Animal Dreams Shavings Bale Bedding is perfect bedding material for small furry pets. It is super absorbent and therefore really hygienic. Because the shavings are a by-product of other timber sources it is also an environmentally friendly product. What's more it won't fill up landfill sites being fully biodegradable. Non-toxic, it is ideal for composting and re-cycling.

Animal Dreams Shavings Bale Bedding is great to use with small pets including RabbitsGuinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchilla, Hamster or Gerbils. It is also suitable for larger animals such as GoatsPigs and Horses. The convenient 20kg bale will keep you well stocked up for ages.

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