Ancol Plush Lamb Dog Toy - Blue / Lilac / Black


Ancol Plush Lamb Dog Toy - Blue / Lilac / Black

Ancol Plush Lamb Dog Toy is an adorable cuddly squeaking comforter toy to keep your pet happy and content.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Plush Lamb Dog Toy?

Ancol Plush Lamb Dog Toy is a soft and cuddly squeaking comforter that your dog will love to play with. As it measures approximately 15cm, it is designed for puppies and smaller dogs. This Dog Accessory will hold their scent making it familiar and comfortable, whether carrying it around or snuggling up with it in their bed.

The Ancol Plush Lamb Dog Toy comes in three colours - Blue, Lilac and Black.

Please note: This toy is not indestructible and your dog should always be supervised to ensure proper use and halt any destruction.

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