Ancol Heritage Brown Herringbone Dog Coat - S / S-M / M / L / XL

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Ancol Heritage Brown Herringbone Dog Coat

Ancol Heritage Brown Herringbone Dog Coat is the perfect snug Dog Coat ideal for colder weather.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Heritage Brown Herringbone Dog Coat?

Ancol Heritage Brown Herringbone Dog Coat is both stylish and warm. So it is ideal for when the mercury drops. As it has a thermal fleece lining it provides excellent insulation. Therefore your pet keeps toasty warm when the weather gets chilly. The thermal lining aids heat retention, so you and your pet can enjoy walks in a howling gale. Furthermore, a stylish herringbone fabric outer gives the coat a classic country look.   

Ancol Heritage Brown Herringbone Dog Coat has a secure and comfortable fit. A chest strap and leg straps keep it secure even when the wind is blowing. For ease of attaching your lead there is a harness hole. Simply attach your lead and off you go without a worry about the weather. For practicality the coat is machine washable on a cool setting or can be hand washed.

The Ancol Heritage Brown Herringbone Dog Coat is available in five sizes: 

S:       length 30cm

S/M:   length 35cm

M:      length 40cm

L:       length 50cm

XL:     length 60cm

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