Ancol Flower Safety Cat Collar - Green / Pink


Ancol Flower Safety Cat Collar - Green / Pink

Ancol Flower Safety Cat Collar is for elegant cats. It is comfortable with great safety features.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Flower Safety Cat Collar?

Ancol Flower Safety Cat Collar is a pretty floral designed collar for your puss.  It comes in an attractive flower pattern. Because kitties are naturally adventurous there is a break-away safety buckle. This means that your cat can escape if they get caught whilst up their favourite tree.

Local wildlife also benefit from this great little collar.  A tinkle warning bell always announces when your puss is on the prowl. Please allow two finger's gap when fitting the Ancol Flower Safety Cat Collar. If applying any flea treatment the collar should be removed to prevent a reaction between the treatment and the collar.

The Ancol Flower Safety Cat Collar comes in Green and Pink.

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