Ancol Fat Boy Cat Scratch Post

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Ancol Fat Boy Cat Scratch Post

Ancol Fat Boy Cat Scratch Post is a large and durable scratch post infused with catnip. Suitable for both large and small cats it is made with sisal rope, so your kitty can give it a good working over.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Fat Boy Cat Scratch Post?

Ancol Fat Boy Cat Scratch Post is a must have Cat Accessory for keeping cats entertained and content. This oversized post has enough room for several cats to have a go at the same time. Wound with over 60 metres of durable sisal rope your cats can really get their claws into this tough post.

What's more this is a large post measuring 70 cm. So that even the largest cat can have a proper stretch. Cats love scratching; it is a natural behaviour which stretches muscles, sharpens claws and promotes general well-being. The Ancol Fat Boy Cat Scratch Post is super strong and will take plenty of punishment instead of your furniture!  An added bonus is that it is infused with catnip to attract your cat to the post.

To compliment your home the Ancol Fat Boy Cat Scratch Post comes in chocolate and cream.

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