Ancol Ergo Bristle Palm Pad Pet Brush


Ancol Ergo Bristle Palm Pad Pet Brush

Ancol Ergo Bristle Palm Pad Pet Brush is a brilliant Dog Grooming tool. It is gentle on your pet's coat but highly effective.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Ergo Bristle Palm Pad Pet Brush?

Ancol Ergo Bristle Palm Pad Pet Brush has soft bristles. This means that it is gentle on your dog's coat - perfect for puppies and nervous dogs. The brush smooths the fur and traps any loose hair so it ends up in the bin, not on your floor!

Ancol Ergo Bristle Palm Pad Pet Brush is held against the palm by a strap. Consequently you can brush with an easy stroking action. Soft bristles leave your canine chum's coat smooth and tangle-free. Grooming helps to keep your pet's coat healthy and glossy. It is also a great way to bond with your pet. 

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