Ancol Dog Cooling Mat


Ancol Dog Cooling Mat

Ancol Dog Cooling Mat is an ingenious mat that will help keep your dog cool in warm weather.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Dog Cooling Mat?

Ancol Cooling Dog Mat is an intelligent way to keep your pet nice and cool when the temperature heats up. This super cool Dog Accessory  works by using a Phase Change Material core to draw heat away from your dog and can reduce its temperature by 7°C.

The core is solid when cool and turns to liquid as it heats up. One great feature of the mat is that it doesn't require recharging or refrigeration; storing it in a relatively cool area is sufficient for it to be ready to use again. The Ancol Dog Cooling Mat can be simply cleaned by wiping with a cloth and is waterproof. Available in two sizes:

M: 45 x 90 cm

L: 60 x 90 cm

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