Ancol Cooling Dog Coat - XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL

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Ancol Cooling Dog Coat 

Ancol Cooling Dog Coat is just the ticket for keeping your four-legged friend cool. Perfect for chilling out on hot summer days.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Cooling Dog Coat?

Ancol Cooling Dog Coat is ideal for keeping your dog cool. Simply soak this vest in cold water and put it on your doggie. Cold water is very effective at cooling, therefore it keeps Fido comfy and prevents overheating. Because your pooch is as cool as a cucumber, it helps them to stay calm and relaxed.

Ancol Cooling Dog Coat has a belly strap for a snug fit. It may be used repeatedly when the weather is scorching. Just keep soaking it in cold water. A refreshed dog is a happy dog so you can all enjoy long hot summer days. Ancol Cooling Dog Coat comes in six sizes:

XS:     25cm

S:       30cm

M:      40cm

L:       50cm

XL:     60cm

XXL:  70cm

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