Ancol Cave Cat Bed

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Ancol Cave Cat Bed

Ancol Cave Cat Bed is the perfect cosy hideaway for your kitty to curl up for a quiet nap. 

Why Should I Buy Ancol Cave Cat Bed?

Ancol Cave Cat Bed is a soft and comfy cat cave, ideal for daily catnaps or just some peace and privacy. This cool and cosy Cat Bed is the perfect snuggle spot for your pampered pussy. It is covered in a plush grey fabric which looks great too.

Cats love to climb in to a cosy enclosed space, and this snuggly cat cave is filled with extra cushioning and has a luxurious fleece lining to keep them toasty warm. For fun and games there is also a hanging furry ball to bat and paw at.

What size is Ancol Cove Cat Bed?

Ancol Cat Cave measures 38 cm x 23 cm.

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