Ancol Cat Tree House

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Ancol Cat Tree House

Ancol Tree House is the ultimate multi activity platform for cats.

Why Should I Buy Ancol Cat Tree House?

Ancol Cat Tree House is a superb way to keep your cat entertained, happy and exercised, all in one go. This three platformed cat activity centre has four sisal scratching posts, perfect for keeping claws sharp and strengthening muscles as well as a dangling ball to bat and hang from. All these activities are great stress relievers in felines and leave them feeling content.

The Ancol Cat Tree House has three platforms with the highest at 140 cm, providing your cat with a secure vantage point to rest or keep an eye on things. A sisal ladder leads up to the plush hidey hole which is a perfect spot to curl up for cosy cat naps. The Tree House is infused with catnip, a natural herb that cats simply adore and is suitable for several cats to use at the same time. This must have Cat Accessory measures 42 cm x 140 cm approx.

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