Ancol BB Dog Puppy Shampoo - 200ml

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Ancol BB Dog Puppy Shampoo - 200ml

Ancol BB Dog Puppy Shampoo is a gorgeous smelling shampoo containing essential oils to nourish your dog's coat and skin. An effective but gentle way of cleaning your pet.

Why Should I Buy Ancol BB Dog Puppy Shampoo?

Ancol BB Dog Puppy Shampoo is a fantastic Dog Grooming product, designed not only to thoroughly clean your pet, but also to leave them smelling gorgeous with the comforting aroma of talcum powder. Produced in the UK, the gentle formula is suitable for both dogs and puppies and will leave them lovely and clean with a glossy coat. Ancol BB Dog Puppy Shampoo contains essential oils which not only clean your pet but also provide skin and coat care.

How Much Ancol Dog Shampoo Should I Use?

Ancol BB Dog Puppy Shampoo - 200ml is concentrated and each 200 ml bottle contains enough shampoo for approximately 20 washes.

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