Allen & Page Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets - 20kg


Allen & Page Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets are ideal for weaning young rabbits and pregnant does.

Why Should I Buy Allen & Page Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets?

Allen & Page Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets are suitable from weaning through to adulthood. They can be fed to pregnant does as well as young rabbits. Fortified with vitamins and minerals so they are full of goodness. Because they have added nutrients it means that your furry friend benefits from a balanced diet. Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets are a dry food, therefore, it is vital to include plenty of fresh food and water in your rabbit's diet. Hay is another beneficial food to feed your rabbit. It helps to maintain a healthy gut. 

Allen & Page Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets are totally natural. So they are full of goodness. As they contain tasty grass, linseed and oat fibre, they also taste great. Protexin and prebiotics assist with gut health and boost the immune system. Because they help maintain a healthy balance of micro-organisms in your rabbit's digestive system. Make sure that your bunny always has constant access to clean, fresh water.

Allen & Page feeds do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. They are free from drugs such as coccidiostats. Approved by the Vegetarian Society.

What's in Allen & Page Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets?

Composition: Grass meal, wheat feed, Soya, Oat fibre, Cereal, Straw, Expelled linseed, Peas, Vitamins and minerals.

Analysis: Oil 3% Protein 15.5% Fibre 18%, High Fibre, Low Starch.

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