Yakers dog treats are super-tough, super-tasty dog treats made from cow and yak milk. 100% natural and gluten free, available in XL and small.


Yakers dog chews are 100% natural Dog Treats that help to remove plaque and tartar while your dog munches away. High in natural yak and cow milk, they taste so good, they were originally made for humans to eat!

Yakers Chew Dog Treats

What's In Yakers Dog Chews?

These tasty snacks contains mainly yak and cow milk (99.95), plus a drop of lime juice and salt. As a result, they have an incredibly high protein content (59.2%) to encourage the growth of strong bones, teeth and muscles in your pet. As a result, they make a useful Dog Healthcare item as well as a lovely treat.

Which Size Is Best - Yakers Dog Chew XL or Small?

These crunchy bars actually come in three sizes - small, medium and extra large. Choose the option that's closest to your dog's size: Choose Yakers Extra Large Chew Dog Treat - 1 Pack for large breed dogs. Choose Yakers Small Chew Dog Treats - 4 pack for small breeds.

Keep checking back for other sizes as they come into stock. 

What's The Best Gluten Free Dog Treat?

These fantastic chewy bars are gluten free, so make a great long lasting treat for dogs on a gluten free diet. They are also vegetarian, and free from preservatives.

Where Do These Dog Treats Come From?

Originally made for humans to eat, the blend of yak/cow milk bars have their origin in the hills of the Himalayas. Extra chewy, vegetarian, compact: these treats provided a great boost of long lasting protein with a smoky flavour.

Are Yakers Bars Suitable For All Dogs?

Yakers should only be fed to dogs over 4 months old. Please also make sure to select an appropriate size Yakers bar to your dog's breed/size.

How Long Do These Dog Chews Last?

Yakers are designed to be extremely long-lasting. In fact, they have a shelf life of five years! Plus, the products get more tasty the longer you keep them. Just make sure to store in a cool, dry place.

The hard texture means that they don't just stay fresh for ages: they last a long time in your dog's possession, too. Because your pooch has to work hard before they get to chew a small piece off, they stay occupied for longer - great for dogs that are left alone for long periods. So, it gives your dog a nice challenge as well as keeping him occupied.