True Instinct

True Instinct

True Instinct grain free dog food contains 39% protein and comes in a range of tasty flavours such as chicken, duck and salmon to provide your dog with optimum nourishment.


True Instinct

True Instinct dry Dog Food and Cat Food by Nature's Menu aims to be as close to a pet's natural diet as possible. As a result, its feeds are very high in quality, human-grade meat and are free from grain, gluten and all types of cereal.

What Is True Instinct Dog Food 5kg?

True Instinct Raw Boost Adult Dry Dog Food - Free Range Chicken - 5kg is a grain free dog food. Available in 5kg bags, this high protein dry dog food comes in a great range of flavours. It looks very appetising in the bowl, thanks to the large, rounded kibbles and extra scattering of chicken pieces. The kibbles - which the manufacturer refer to as 'bites' - contain a protein and vegetable mix. Plus, they also contain a healthy dash of superfoods such as chickpeas, and herbs, to help give your dog's immune system a boost.

True Instinct Raw Boost Adult Dry Dog Food - Free Range Chicken - 5kg

The extra chicken pieces are freeze-dried. As a result, they offer the taste and benefits of high quality meat, but stay fresh for longer. Made entirely without grain, gluten or cereals, the feeds are free from low-quality fillers, as well as artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. For a gamey alternative, consider True Instinct Raw Boost Adult Dry Dog Food - Turkey with Duck - 5kg. Again, this food is completely grain free. Of course, it also contains lots of freeze dried protein (39%) to give your dog bags of energy.

Finally, if your dog prefers fish flavours, then True Instinct Raw Boost Adult Dry Dog Food - Salmon with Tuna - 5kg follows the same tested formula but with salmon and tuna instead of chicken or duck. Regardless of which flavour you go for, all bags come with an easy-seal top for freshness.

Please note that True Instinct is separate to the Purina One True Instinct range.