LickiMat helps to reduce boredom in dogs and cats. Give your pet a LickiMat and keep them happy and content while reducing overeating. Freezer safe, non toxic. Shop the Buddy and Soother here at PetMonkey.


LickiMat are flat, soft plastic mats with nobbles that allow you to spread soft foods over the surface. Its range includes the LickiMat Soother Dog Treat Mat and the LickiMat Buddy Dog Treat Mat. Perfect as boredom busters, they turn eating into a game by encouraging your dog or cat to tease out every morsel with their tongue. This in turn reduces boredom and over eating. What a great invention!

LickiMat Soother Collection

What do you put on a LickiMat?

The grooves of the LickiMat are raised to accommodate soft treats. Yoghurt, peanut butter, squashed dog food, crushed biscuits and sardines. Or when it's hot, try some frozen treats? The guide below helps you choose the right mat for your dog's preferred food type.

Which is best - LickiMat Buddy or LickiMat Soother?

Choose the maze-like nobbles of the LickiMat Buddy Dog Treat Mat if your dog prefers thicker, sticky treats such as peanut butter or soggy biscuits

Choose the bumpier nobbles of the LickiMat Soother Dog Treat Mat if your dog is a fan of runny treats like gravy or yoghurt.

What are the benefits of a LickiMat?

This simple yet effective Dog Healthcare product has so many benefits:

 Reduces boredom in pets left at home all day

 Increases a sense of calm through licking - great before a trip to the vet's

 Reduces over feeding, as treats last much longer

 Helps freshen breath, scraping undigested food particles from the tongue

 Increases saliva production, helping to calm down digestion

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