Karlie Flamingo

Karlie Flamingo

Karlie Flamingo designs dog beds and pet accessories. Based in Germany for 30+ years, the company combines on-trend design with quality fabrics.

Karlie Flamingo

Karlie Flamingo has set standards in the Dog Accessory and Cat Accessory market for over 30 years. The company is based in Germany, where it designs and distributes 8,000 products to 60+ countries worldwide. Its innovative product lines include Dog Beds, which are both fashionable and high quality, using materials such as leather and Teflon.

What's The Best Small Dog Bed For Winter?

If you're looking for a really cosy Dog Bed for a small dog, then Karlie Flamingo No Limit Dog Bed - Black - 50cm is a fantastic find. Made from Teflon, the durable dog bed is filled with thermal polyester to wrap your pooch in a warm cuddle. Not only that: winter is typically the dirtiest time of year for dogs. All that mud, wind and rain can leave your dog covered in splatters. With the No Limit Dog bed, you don't need to worry. Because it's made of Teflon, it wipes clean, whatever you throw at it. Of course, the exterior is waterproof too, so will wick moisture away from your dog as they snuggle into this toasty dog bed after a winter's walk.

Karlie Flamingo No Limit Dog Bed - Black - 50cm

Where Can I Buy A Karlie Flamingo Dog Bed?

PetMonkey is pleased to sell its No Limit Dog Bed. Shop Karlie Flamingo No Limit Dog Bed - Black - 50cm.  Machine washable and waterproof, it's the ideal purchase for a small outdoorsy dog.

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