Flexi is known for producing the original retractable extender lead. Its cord and tape leads provide peace of mind for you while your dog explores to his heart's content.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Flexi Dog Leads?

Unlike a traditional Dog Collar & Lead that's only a few feet long, a Flexi has an integrated spool of cord or rope that can extend right out. This allows your dog to feel as though he is running as close to 'off' the lead as possible while ensuring that you remain in control at the other end. The lightweight design and ergonomic handle means that these retractable dog leads are comfortable to hold.

Are Flexi Retractable Dog Leads Safe?

Yes - when used responsibly. Common sense precautions will keep you and your dog safe. Always wait until you are in an open, hazard-free area before going full length e.g. in a field rather than on a pavement to prevent your dog running into trouble. It's also important to familiarise yourself with how they work. The latest models such as the Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead - Blue has an integrated braking system that allows you to exert precise control over your dog at the push of a button. 

Flexi Classic Tape 5m Lead Blue Small

One push and a short pull on the lead applies slight pressure, allowing you to give your dog instructions and lead your dog back to you. Should you need to keep your dog close to you on a short lead simply lock it down and walk your dog to heel. These leads are always subject to a slight tension, so won't slack or sag. Finally, make sure to choose the appropriate dog lead for your dog's weight.

What Types Of Flexi Dog Leads Are Available?

Classic Cord leads spool out nice and smoothly and come in different lengths, colours and sizes to suit your dog's weight. These leads also feature reflective stitching along the length so can be seen like cat's eyes at night. We love the compact Flexi Classic Cord 5m Dog Lead - Black.

Flexi Classic Cord 5m Lead Black Small

Classic Tape leads are similar to cord leads, but have a wider belt-like cord that is super-resistant to rubbing. Tape leads also have the advantage of being able to follow your dog whichever direction he goes. Whether you prefer a cord or a tape, you will find plenty of choice at PetMonkey.

Which Retractable Lead Is Best For A Small Dog?

For small dogs up to 12kg such as Chihuahua, Boston Terrier and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: the Flexi Classic Cord 5m Dog Lead - Red, or Flexi Classic Cord 5m Dog Lead - Blue is perfect. This little power-packed lead weighs just 160g and has a handy snap hook to connect the end of the Flexi lead to your dog's collar. If you prefer a tape lead then Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead - Blue is a great buy.

I Have A Medium Breed. What's The Best Retractable Dog Leash?

Medium-sized dogs weighing up to 20kg such as the Beagle and Cocker Spaniel are best suited to a Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead - Red - M
or the Flexi Classic Cord 5m Dog Lead - Black - M. These super leads weigh just 220g yet give you plenty of control over your medium sized dog.

Flexi Classic Tape 5m Lead Red / Medium

What's The Best Retractable Dog Lead For A Labrador?

Larger breeds such as Labs and dogs up to 50g will suit the Flexi Classic Tape 5m which comes in blue, red and black. Take your pick from Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead - Blue - LFlexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead - Red - L and Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead - Black - L.

Flexi Dos and Don'ts

Do learn how to use the brake mechanism and have a few goes until you get the hang of using it. Make sure to check your dog's collar regularly to ensure that it is strong enough to support the lead. Always use the safety loop provided as this will prevent the cord or tape from rebounding should the collar snap.

Don't your children use a Flexi. Never tie your dog up with a cord or tape lead, or grasp the cord or tape with your hand as this could cause burns or injury.  Finally, don't open the casing, as there is a recoil spring mechanism insid

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