Cats go crazy for Dreamies Cat Treats! Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle and available in irresistible flavours including salmon, chicken and beef.


What Are Dreamies Cat Treats?

Cats go crazy for these Cat Treats! Get get great deals on Mega Packs in salmon, chicken and beef - and your feline friend will love you forever.

Chicken Lickin’

Dreamies Cat Treats - Chicken give your furry friend a whopping 480g of tasty chicken-y goodness, packed into eight pouches that you can rip open (if your cat doesn’t get to them first). 

Dreamies Chicken Cat Treats 8 x 60g - PetMonkey

If you want a store-cupboard staple, then Dreamies Cat Treats Mega Pack - Chicken is for you. This bumper sized pack contains six large sized pouches.

Super Salmon

The tried and tested formula continues with these fishy centered Dreamies Cat Treats - Salmon. Flavoured with scrumptious salmon to excite your cat: if your cat’s a fan of the posh flavoured nosh, then treat her to a bumper sized box of Dreamies Cat Treats Mega Pack - Salmon  - and enjoy more playful moments every day.

PetMonkey - Dreamies Salmon Cat Treats Mega Pack

If beef’s her thing, then eight pouches of Dreamies Cat Treats - Beef will keep your cat purring into next week and beyond. At less than 2 calories a snack, you can safely feed your cat up to 20 treats per day. Enjoy playing hide and treat with your cat!

Dreamies Beef Cat Treats - PetMonkey

What Makes Dreamies Cat Treats So Yummy?

A process called 'Animal Digest' is responsible for a flavour that cats go mad for. Basically, it is produced when you subject animal products - such as muscle and soft tissue - to a chemical process.

This results in a powder or paste, which can be added to pet foods to boost its flavour. As well as being super-yummy, Animal Digest also contains protein. So now that you know what makes these cat treats so irresistible, make sure to treat your furry friend to a bag - your cat will love you for it!

What Other Cat Accessories Can I Buy?

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