Chuckit dog accessories are rugged toys that encourage your dog to run, jump, chase and play. Choose from dog frisbees, footballs, tug toys, safe sticks and many more.
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Chuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy - S / M / L / XL

Chuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy - S / M / L / XL Chuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy is a super tough ball with a high bounce and is suitable for the most demand...

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from £8.05


Chuckit Fetch Games sell some of the best dog toys in the UK. Enjoy browsing the range of durable, brightly coloured Dog Accessories.

About Chuckit

This exciting US-based brand sells quality dog toys for active dogs and their owners. Chuckit began by reinventing the classic game of fetch and now makes a whole range of fantastic Dog Accessories. Whether your dog likes to chase, tug, jump or tumble: Chuckit has the perfect dog toy!

What's the best gift for my dog?

For a perfect Dog Treat, try the Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy. This doughnut-shaped ring fits on the end of the blue launcher, ready for you to throw up and away. The clever design of this Dog Accessory means that the doughnut goes off in lots of different directions when thrown, keeping your dog guessing as to where it will land. To re-launch, reach down and pop the doughnut ring on the launcher - no need for you to touch any slobber!

Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher

Does Chuckit Make A Dog Toy For Puppies?

Finding a dog toy that's small and light enough for your puppy to play with can be a challenge. The Chuckit Breathe Right Fetch Ball Dog Toy in Small is a set of cute orange balls with a mesh-like design that lets air pass through as your pup picks up. Enjoy throwing the Breathe Right balls across the park or field and don't fret it they land in water - they'll float! Also available in medium and large for bigger dogs.

Chuckit Breathe Right Fetch Ball

What's The Best Dog Frisbee?

Give your dog wings with the Chuckit Zipflight Dog Toy This wheel shaped Frisbee for dogs is fun to throw, and will encourage your hound to leap up high to snatch it from the air. Made from tough memory foam with a rubber rim, this dog Frisbee is also super tough so your dog can chew it as much as he likes. 

Chuckit Zipflight - Medium

What's The Best Dog Toy For Chewers?

Tough teeth need tough toys. If your dog chews while he plays, then he'll love the Chuckit Rugged Bumper Dog Toy. This Dog Accessory has a multitude of uses. Have fun throwing it for your dog to fetch, or let them tug the toy while you hold it tight with the blue hanging loop. Or, just leave it in your dog bed for chewing time - the Rugged Bumper will withstand the most rigorous gnashers.

Chuckit Rugged Bumper - Large

What's The Best Fetch Pet Toy?

The Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball Dog Toy is great fun for dogs that love to play football. The slightly flattened ball with its deep groove is easy for your dog to pick up, while the anti-burst design ensures this dog toy will last. As the name suggests, this dog toy can be thrown or kicked for hours of fun. Does your dog like an impromptu dip in the sea or pond? No problem. It floats on water too!

Chuckit Kick Fetch - Large

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