Chewdles UK offers great value mixes and complete dog foods. Discover the range of semi moist dog food and Gravy Bones - Beef Flavour - 10kg at PetMonkey.


Chewdles Dog Food and Dog Treats made on a family run farm in Lincolnshire, UK. Its complete collection has recipes for puppies, adult dogs and working dogs, with many foods based around semi moist chunks that dogs go mad for!

What Are Chewdles Gravy Bones?

Are you looking for the perfect training treat? Then Chewdles Gravy Bones Dog Treats are the answer. Delicious and full of vitamins, they're also safe to give to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Perfect as a daily dog treat or training aid.

Chewdles Gravy Bones - Beef Flavour - 10kg tasty bone-shaped treats are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Oven baked and basted in a tasty gravy, they're super appealing to your dog while being good for them at the same time. Plus, they're made without any artificial colours or flavours, so you can be sure that your dog isn't taking on any nasties that might upset his wellbeing.

What Type of Dog Are Chewdles Gravy Bones Suitable For?

The mini bone shape of Chewdles Gravy Bones - Beef Flavour - 10kg is suitable for any breed of dog aged 12 weeks plus. From tiny toys to extra large breeds, just make sure to refer to the Chewdles serving guide when dishing out these dog treats.

Toy - 3 biscuits per day

Small - 6 biscuits per day

Medium - 8 biscuits per day

Large - 12 biscuits per day

X Large - 18 biscuits per day

Chewdles Gravy Bones - Beef Flavour - 10kg

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