Cesar wet dog food is a favourite among small breeds for its deliciously fresh wet dog food pouches in great-tasting flavours.


Cesar Dog Food is a lovingly crafted series of recipes designed for small dogs. The range comes in trays, pouches and Dog Treat sizes, which are perfect for eating on their own or mixed with dry Dog Food.

What Recipes Are In The Cesar Range?

Cesar wet Dog Food range includes Classics, which are the original hexagonal shaped pots with tear-off lids. The pots come in a selection of traditional flavours in jelly. Then there's Country Kitchen. These chunks of rustic meat and vegetable combinations come in a tray, and are formulated into a loaf that you can slice up. Our favourite is the Cesar Deliciously Fresh Dog Pouches - Favourites In Sauce. This value for money multi-pack features a whole range of doggie favourites stored in handy pouches that are ready to snip and serve. 


Cesar Pouch Deliciously Fresh Favourites In Sauce 24 x 100g

What Are Cesar 24 Pack Pouches?

These pouches are a convenient way to serve wet Dog Food to your pooch. For example, the Cesar 24 pack of Cesar Deliciously Fresh Dog Food Pouches - Favourites In Sauce offers four different flavours that can be served on their own or mixed with any dry Dog Food. The flavours include Tasty Chicken and Vegetable Ragout, Tender Beef and Carrots, Tasty Turkey and Carrots and Tender Lamb and Peas.

Is Cesar Dog Wet Food A Complete Dog Food?

Yes. It is a 100% complete wet Dog Food. This means you don't have to serve anything extra with your dog's meal unless you want to. As well as containing lots of delicious, protein-rich meat, Cesar contains a blend of vitamins and minerals to keep your dog in optimum health.

What Are The Benefits Of Cesar Wet Dog Food?

There are many benefits of serving wet Dog Food. For example, it ensures that your dog gets enough moisture. Small dogs are more likely to have problems with their urinary tract than their larger buddies. As a result, this wet dog food can really help little dogs stay healthy. Wet Dog Food also tends to be lower in calories than dry food, so is great for smaller dogs that are prone to putting on weight, or can't exercise as much as they would like to.

Is Cesar Dog Food Suitable For Mixed Feeding?

Absolutely. Manufacturers know that dog owners like to serve a mixture of wet/dry food. As a result, Cesar dog food works perfectly as a mixer/topper. By mixing up both wet and dry Dog Food in your dog's bowl, he'll get lots of benefits. Not only will she enjoy the taste of wet food, the crunchy kibbles can really help remove the build-up of plaque and sticky tartar.

Do you need help selecting the best dry Dog Food mixer for your small dog? There are lots to choose from, including breed-specific varieties. Royal Canin makes dry food recipes to suit the feeding habits of smaller dogs. For example, Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult Dry Dog Food - 3kg and Royal Canin Pug Adult Dry Dog Food - 1.5kg. If you prefer a grain free diet for your little boy or girl, then check out grain free dry Dog Food from top brands including Barking Heads.

How Many Calories In Cesar Deliciously Fresh Favourites In Sauce 24 x 100g?

Each pouch contains 88 kcal per 100g.

Can I Store Leftover Cesar Deliciously Fresh Dog Food In The Fridge?

Yes, you can store any surplus for up to two days.

What Breed Is The Dog In The Cesar Ads?

This little cutie is the West Highland White Terrier. Are you looking for the best dry Dog Food for a Westie? Check out Royal Canin West Highland White Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food.

Cesar Wet Dog Food Feeding Guide

How much Cesar Deliciously Fresh Dog Food Pouches - Favourites In Sauce should you feed your dog? A dog's breed, size, age and activity level will determine how much food they require on a daily basis. For example, a male chihuahua weighing 6lb with active activity levels would require around 3 pouches per day whereas a 20lb pug would require around seven. Mixing wet dog food with dry dog food will consequently reduce the number of pouches that you need to serve daily.

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