Bucktons makes high quality wild bird food and pellet mixes to attract wild birds to your garden. Keeps garden birds fed and conditioned all year around.
Bucktons Sunflower Hearts - 20kg - PetMonkey

Bucktons Sunflower Hearts - 20kg

Bucktons Sunflower Hearts - 20kg Bucktons Sunflower Hearts is a top quality food for Wild Birds, rich in oils and protein. Why should I buy Buckton...

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Bucktons No.1 Parrot Feed - 12.75kg - PetMonkey

Bucktons No.1 Parrot Feed - 12.75kg

Bucktons No.1 Parrot Feed - 12.75kg Bucktons No.1 Parrot Feed is a premium quality blend for all types of parrots. The wide variety of ingredients ...

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Bucktons is the top supplier of Wild Bird food in the UK. Its range includes high energy mixtures and pellets to attract and feed garden visitors. Many of its feeds can be given all year around as well as during the winter months.

Which Bucktons Wild Bird Feed Should I Choose?

Choose Bucktons Hemp Seed - 15kg if you want a feed that:

 Is suitable for chickens as well as garden birds

 Will stimulate copulation in breeding birds

 Can help wild birds gain weight during winter months

This high quality Wild Bird Feed is perfect for garden birds, as it has a small seed that's perfect for little beaks. Plus, it's made from hemp seed, which is rich in oil. Therefore, it has excellent weight gaining properties, which can help birds put on weight during the colder months.

Bucktons Hemp Seed - 15kg

Select Bucktons Sunflower Hearts - 20kg if you want a:

 Versatile meal for garden birds

 No-mess blend that's easy for wild birds to eat

 Mix that's suitable for scattering and placing in a feeder

Sunflower hearts are ideal for attracting many bird species to your yard or garden. They're versatile, and can be fed either on their own, or as part of a mix. In fact, it's the most widely eaten of all the Wild Bird seed, so you can be confident that none will be left behind on your bird feeder!

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