Bonio dog treats are the crunchy, oven baked biscuits that dogs love. Tasty and packed with vitamins, they're the perfect daily snack for your pooch.


Best Dog Biscuits

Looking for the best dog biscuit to treat your best friend? Bonio dog biccies have kept dog tails wagging since 1932!  

Dog Treats are more than just a way to reward your dog - they help to keep your dog’s teeth in excellent health, too. Bonio, part of the global Purina group, is a brand of Dog Food known for its delicious oven-baked dog biscuits, which are suitable for pooches of all breeds and sizes.

Little enough to pop in your pocket, Bonio Bitesize Mini Biscuit Dog Treats are perfectly shaped for the mouths of smaller breeds.

Bonio Bitesize Mini Dog Biscuits

Each nugget has a unique texture and shape, designed to stop sticky plaque and tartar build-up and to keep teeth and gums healthy. Pushed for time? These crunchy superstars make a quick, easy and wholesome breakfast, too.


Bonio Dog Biscuits Ingredients

What’s inside your doggie’s favourite biscuit? Bonio Bitesize Mini Biscuit Dog Treats contain cereals, oils and fats, sugars and minerals. The wholewheat content is 42% and contains 9.5% protein overall. It contains sugar beet pulp, oils and fats, meat and animal derivatives, minerals, vegetables and sugars. Contains 10% protein.