Trixie Heating Mat Review

Trixie Heating Mat Review

The Trixie Heating Mat - 60 x 40 cm is perfect for you if you want:

 A place for your dog to lie down and stay cosy


 A non-slip heat mat for a smaller breed (other sizes are available)


 A Dog Accessory that looks stylish around the house


Trixie Heating Mat

Features of the Trixie Heating Mat

The Trixie Heating Mat is a quilted and foam padded mat that your dog will love to lay on. If you have cold or hard floors at home then your four legged friend will really appreciate this heating mat.

 Trixie Heating Mat


Your dog will be extremely comfortable on the mat. The lamb fur look provides a comfy surface to relax on while the foam padding and quilted finish will add an extra layer of luxury. 

Trixie Heating Mat


The heating mat retains the natural body heat of your dog. It then emits this heat back to them. This is such a great feature that your dog will feel the benefit of, particularly in the cold winter months. 

As much as your dog may love curling up on the floor by your feet, the heating mat will make this experience even more enjoyable for them. 


The heating mat is suitable for all dogs thanks to its various size options.

Trixie Heating Mat 60 x 40cm 

Trixie Heating Mat 70 x 50cm

Trixie Heating Mat 80 x 60cm

Trixie Heating Mat 90 x 70cm 

The heating mat is particularly useful for older dogs or dogs who are ill and need to keep warm to aid recovery. It is also useful for pregnant bitches and puppies. 


Trixie has made sure that your dog (and you) are able to use the heating mat as safely as possible. The non slip bottom of the heating mat helps keep it firmly in place without your dog sliding all over the floor on it. This feature is also useful for dog owners who have a habit of tripping or slipping on their dogs toys and bed! 

Trixie Heating Mat


The Trixie Heating Mat is an all round comfortable resting place for your dog. With it's foam padding, quilted finish and polyester cover, your dog will love spending time there. It's ability to retain your dogs body heat and then emit it back makes this particularly suitable for older or poorly dogs as well as mothering bitches and puppies.

However, happy, healthy and content dogs will certainly appreciate the luxury of somewhere nice and warm to lay around the house. Finally, the lamb-fur finish adds a bit of style to this great Dog Accessory


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